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“I love Naturtint hair colouring. I have thin, oily, dark brown hair with lots of grey roots.Naturtint saved my hair, after 20 years of using the hair dyes, shampoos and conditioners, my hair are nourished,full of body,beautifully coloured and happy to continue use Naturtint for the rest of my life. My kids love the cleaning hair products too. Thank you Naturtint! xxx”

P. Samara, by email. 

“I am new to using these products and absolutely love them. I ordered because I don’t want to keep using chemicals on myself and very pleased with the result. I will be buying again and thanks to the other feedback customer’s as I have picked up some great tips.”

Carolyn Bellers, by email.

“So love Naturtint Permanent Hair colour. I have fine hair and with other makes of Permanent Hair Colour my hair suffered with split ends. Since using Naturtint I am able to have my hair longer, it’s great and my hair is in very good condition  … thank you”

J. Hardwick, by email.

“My good lady had problems dying her hair. A friend told her about these products. So I ordered her some. She used it and was extremely impressed. I had a totally depressed woman on my hands. I now have a very happy little lady. As a male I would rate your product 10/10.”

R. Davidson, by email.

“I have used red hair dye for about 5 years now. I always had problems with my scalp, not burning during the hair colouring process but afterwards for weeks, just dry scratchy flakey scalp. It was mentioned to me by a friend that it could be some of the chemicals in the store bought standard main brands, so I went on a hunt for less chemically ones. I found and bought my first box about a year ago and haven’t looked back since. It doesn’t itch my scalp whoohoo, I loved the shampoo and conditioner so much I now use those too. My hair feels amazing after I have dyed it, and it lasts for ages. I only redye most times because my roots start showing, so I use 1/4 of a box for that, having mixed the two parts in a plastic tub and keeping the rest of the two mixtures in their original containers, then next time I do a full head dye. It is fab, cannot recommend it highly enough. Mousey drab dark brown and grey to stunning deep red. YES!”

Anon, by email. 6.66 Fireland user.

“I have been a convert to Naturtint for maybe fifteen or more years and the condition of my hair is as good now as it was when I first started to use the product.  What I love is that I can easily disguise my roots as they come through with just a few teaspoons of colour mixed rather than using the entire carton.  So long as it isn’t mixed as a whole it will keep nicely with the caps replaced on both the colour and the mixer bottles.  Also I sometimes experiment by mixing together two colour shades, not necessarily the full amount from each but perhaps a 15 to 3 ratio.  Again because the remainder does not have to be thrown away as with many other colourants on the high street.  The conditioner and anti-aging creams are an added bonus and feel quite luxurious although I don’t always use the entire sachet of the anti-aging cream as it can be a little heavy because it is left in and not rinsed off.  I keep the remainder and just make sure it is well sealed for next time.  Lastly, it is good to know that there are not any nasties in the product so for me it ticks all the boxes.”

Dawn Brooker, by email.

“I thought I’d get in touch to tell you how over the moon I am with your hair dye! I am very conscious of what products I use on myself and was delighted to come across your hair dye free of all the nasties. I will definitely be using this product again and will be recommending it to everyone I know!”

Lucy Wheeler, by email. 

“I am so pleased with Naturtint – it is the easiest home care product I have used plus it gives a great result! In addition it contains no unnecessary nasties that other permanent hair colours contain.”

J Forbes, by email.

“I had dry, damaged ends from salon over bleaching & no treatments, conditioners or serums helped until I found Naturtint Anti-Ageing CC Cream.”

Sarah-Jane, by email.

“I’ve been allergic to salon and home-use hair colourants since my forties and had resigned myself to going grey – until I read about Natures Dream products in a magazine. I have used Naturtint Reflex nonpermanent colour rinse for years now and wouldn’t be without it. The whole process takes less than an hour and doubles as a deep conditioning mask. And because it’s so mild I can use it as often as I like.”

Marilyn Chapman, by email.

“Recently discovered Naturtint Permanent Hair Colours – thoroughly pleased with the result.”

Josee-Marie, by email.

“The new 6A colour is an excellent colour match, plus the new 4 stage formula left hair with a really nice texture.”

MJD, by email.

“Used for first time & it is so good! Happy customer!”

Tina, by email.

“It left my hair in lovely condition, glowing with rich colour & the best shine it’s had in years!”

F Peacock, Isle of Wight.

“I have used Naturtint for 3yrs, everyone comments on the lovely shine & colour of my hair!”

C Probert, 8A user.

“I wish all customer service departments were as good as Nature’s Dream!”

R Robins-Dixon, by email.

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