Finding Your Shade


Each Naturtint Permanent hair colour is given a shade code, which is in line with hair salon industry standards and typically consist of a number followed by a letter.


1N Ebony Black
2N Brown-Black
3N Dark Chestnut Brown
4N Natural Chestnut
5N Light Chestnut Brown
6N Dark Blonde
7N Hazelnut Blonde
8N Wheat Germ Blonde
9N Honey Blonde
10N Light Dawn Blonde


4G Golden Chestnut
5G Light Golden Chestnut
6G Dark Golden Blonde
7G Golden Blonde
8G Sandy Golden Blonde


4M Mahogany Chestnut
5M Light Mahogany Chestnut


5C Light Copper Chestnut
7C Terracotta Blonde
8C Copper Blonde


6A Dark Ash Blonde
8A Ash Blonde
10A Light Ash Blonde


2.1 Blue-Black
5R Fire Red
6.66 Fireland
7.46 Arizona Copper

Chocolate Tones

5.7 Light Chocolate Chestnut
6.7 Dark Chocolate Blonde
7.7 Teide Brown

Step One

Start by selecting the N number which is closest to your natural colour – use this as your base number.

Step Two

With Naturtint® you can lighten by up to 2 shades or go as dark as you desire (e.g. if you are naturally a 5 you can lighten to a 7 or go as dark as a 1).

Step Three

Then decide if you wish to stick with your natural tones, or add a different tone to your hair.

NATURAL (N) shades are perfect if you wish to keep your natural tone.

ASH (A) shades will add a cool tone to your hair and are ideal for counteracting ‘brassiness’.

COPPER (C) & GOLDEN (G) shades will add warmth to your hair whilst the MAHOGANY (M) & RED (R) shades will add vibrancy – ideal for those looking for a more striking or fashion led look.

COVERING GREY: Grey hair is hair that has lost its natural pigment and can soak up hair dyes more readily – meaning brighter shades can sometimes look unnatural.

NATURAL (N) shades are the best for covering grey hair because they provide a uniform colour and a more natural looking result.


Looking for a more temporary colour change?

Available in 6 fabulous shades, Reflex Semi-Permanent colours cover early signs of grey hair and last from 2-4 weeks. Choose a shade the same or darker than your current colour, as Reflex cannot lighten hair.

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