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Have you seen our gorgeous new Naturtint packs?! Naturtint has had a ‘glow up’ for 2020 and the new packs will be filtering through to stores and online over the coming weeks. We love the fresh and vibrant new image, but what do you think? Let us know here!

And it’s not only a new-look, you’ll also now find a generous 50ml tube of Multi-Care Mask in all packs, designed for use at the time of application and in the weeks after, to prolong the life and vibrancy of your Naturtint colour.

Naturtint’s new innovative Multi-Care Mask is enriched with;

Quinoa – considered a “complete protein”, quinoa contains all essential amino acids. In the Multi-Care Mask it helps to fix the hair colour, resulting in a more intense and longer lasting shade. It also aids styling and helps boost shine, for healthier looking hair.

Organic Shea Butter – nourishes hair thanks to its high concentration of vitamins and natural fatty acids. Shea Butter is deeply moisturising and helps reduce breakages and split ends, plus soothes dry scalps.

Baobab Proteins – the Baobab tree is known in its native country as the “Tree of Life” – in the Multi-Care Mask it helps to rebuild hair’s natural keratin and protects hair from heat, UV and pollution. Healthier, younger looking hair.

The mask in its recyclable tube replaces the shampoo, conditioner and CC Cream sachets, which means we are using less plastic packaging – we’ve also added the gloves to the instruction leaflet, so there are no plastic pouches in the new packs. We know there is still more to do, but we think this is a great step on our environmental journey.

And don’t worry, the same great colour formula and results remain! Naturtint’s innovative and gentle formula is now favoured the world over by consumers looking for softness and shine, as well as intense and natural-looking colour, so the same fantastic formulation remains!

You’ll find a handy reference to the old packs on the top of every box, so if you shop the range by looking out for a particular lady, don’t worry, we’ve got that covered! If you do have any questions about the changes however or just want to have a chat about all things hair, get in touch! You can call us on 0345 601 8129, or drop us an email –

4 responses to “NEW LOOK NATURTINT…is here!”

  1. The Multi-care mask is great! This is a real improvement on the 3 separate sachets, which were a waste.

    However, I cannot find the mask to buy it separately to use between colour sessions. Is this available tobuy?

  2. Hi, How about selling the multi-care mask separately?
    I already buy your age protecting cream. I’m sure lots of people would buy it.


  3. I agree with Tiffany Veitch can you sell it separately?
    I think it’s brilliant but I have thick longish hair and I’m running out before the next colour treatment is due.

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