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Moving home or starting a new job are said to be some of the most stressful experiences in life – well we think you could add changing your hair colour brand to that list too!

Using a new hair colour can be a leap of faith, so, to try to help take some of the stress out of the process, if you are considering Naturtint for the first time, here are our top tips!

Which hair colour do I need, permanent or semi-permanent? Or maybe root retouch?

Well, it depends on what you are looking for! If you need complete grey coverage and a colour that won’t wash out, you need the Naturtint Permanent range. If you’ve only got one or two greys and you just want to blend them away without committing to those tell-tale roots, then Reflex Semi-Permanent colours are for you. They are also the gentler of the two hair colours, so if you are looking for the very lowest amount of chemicals, or you have sensitivities, Reflex might be best for you. You can read more about chemicals in hair colours here.

The higher the number, the lighter the colour!

Ok, those greys need to go, I’m going for the Naturtint Permanent range. But which shade do I use?

The best place to start in making this decision is by identifying which Naturtint shade is closest to your natural colour (if you’re already colouring your hair, go by your roots) and use this shade as your base number. Each Naturtint Permanent Hair Colour is given a shade code, inline with hair salon industry standards, and typically consists of a number followed by a letter. So, for example, if you think the most similar shade to your natural colour is the Light Chestnut Brown, this is a 5N and you therefore have a base 5.

The Permanent Hair Colours can lighten the hair by one or two shades, or they can darken as much as you need, so next you need to decide if you want to go lighter, darker, or stay the same (you’re perhaps just looking to cover grey).

If you want to go lighter than your natural base tone of a 5, you can use a 6 or a 7. If you want to stay pretty close to what you have now, look at the 5’s. If you want to go darker, look at the lower numbers like 4, 3, 2 etc. Just bear in mind that ‘colour can’t lift colour’, so if your hair is previously coloured and you do want to lighten the hair, it will take a few applications.

Once you’ve decided whether you want to move up or down the number, or just stay the same, decide if you want or need to add some different tones in, such as golden, ash or copper tones. The letter after the number in each shade code, tells you the kind of tones you can expect;

A = Ash
G = Golden
C = Copper
M = Mahogany
R = Red
N = Natural

Let’s say you’d determined you were a base 5, but fancied being a little bit lighter and with a more warm, golden tone. The 6G Dark Golden Blonde is one shade lighter than a 5 and has golden tones in it, giving you a warmer, dark blonde than if you were to use the 6N Dark Blonde.

If you are ‘umming and ahhing’ between two shades, go for the lighter one as you can always go darker on your next application if you need to, the other way around is a bit tricky!

You can read more about the different shades available and finding the most suitable for you, here.

Right, I’ve chosen my shade and got my box of Naturtint in front of me, what do I do first!

Read the instructions!! Honestly, we cannot stress this enough. Open up your box, take out the instructions and read all the way through at least once before you even consider applying the colour – that way you’ll be able to review all the safety information and cautions, all the preparation advice and usage instructions, ensuring that you get the best experience out of the product.

At this point you’ll also be reminded that a skin sensitivity test must be carried out before use, for 48 hours. Whether you’ve coloured your hair for years and used every product under the sun or not, this step is the most important. You can read more about the skin test here.

I’ve ordered my box online, what can I expect to find in it, when it gets here?

Radiant colour and a whole new you? A bright new future? Not quite what you meant? Ok, here is what you’ll actually find in your box of Naturtint Permanent Hair Colour;

A bottle of Naturtint Colourant, containing 60mls of product.

A bottle of Naturtint Colour Developer, also containing 60mls of product. This bottle can be used as the mixing vessel and applicator, so is less than half full to allow the colourant to be added and room for the two liquids to be blended. So, although it looks half empty, there will be 60mls of developer in there!

A green, 50ml tube of Multi-Care Mask (we still have a small number of shades that remain in the previous look packaging, these will contain sachets of Naturtint Shampoo, Naturtint Conditioner and Naturtint Anti-Ageing CC Cream instead of the Multi-Care Mask) which is used after the application process, to boost shine, prolong the colour and protect from environmental stresses.

Protective gloves (which you’ll find attached to the instruction leaflet) which you should wear at all times during the colouring process to avoid staining.


Ok, I’m pretty sure I’m almost a home-colour expert now, but say I just had one quick question, can anybody help?

Absolutely! We love to chat about hair colour (we need to get a life) and we have an inhouse (although that’s not strictly true, she’s actually working from home at the minute) hairdresser who knows all there is to know about colouring your hair. You can call drop her an email at or catch her on LiveChat on the website. Alternatively you can call the office and speak to one of the team who can also help – please just bear with us in these testing times!

(Not actual office phone)

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