Winter Hair Care Tips

Kerry Capewell, resident hairdresser and Naturtint expert is here to offer you her top tips for keeping your hair looking stunning over the winter season:

• We all know that central heating can dry the skin but it can also quickly dry out your hair so give your hair some extra care during the winter months applying a deep conditioning treatment once a week to keep it hydrated.

• Constantly moving from the cold outdoors to the warm, dry indoors can further damage the hair, so try and to cut down on the use of heated styling tools such as straighteners if you can.

• Choose a good quality shampoo to suit your hair tone – colour maintenance shampoos and conditioners are not an unnecessary expense – they have been specifically designed to help maintain a longer-lasting colour. This is particularly helpful if you are opting for a darker, richer shade for winter and will help it stay vibrant for longer.

• Christmas can be an expensive time – why not opt for low-lights which can warm up a winter look and don’t require a whole box of colorant, so your money will go further!

• Never go out in winter with wet hair and if you are planning on being out in the elements for a while, wear a hat or head scarf to give your hair some protection from the cold.

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